5 Best Free Voice Call Apps

Must have Best Android Apps for free voice chat for you talk addict. Now chat & call (Voice & Video calls) right from your android mobile and android tablet on the move. Download these best android apps and get connected to the family and friends internationally with video and voice calls over 3G or WiFi.

fring best android app for video chat

Fring Video Chat App : Fring Video Chat Android App is one of the best android application for video chat on your android mobile. New Android version which supercharges fring’s talking & video talking. The whole call experience is better. Starting from the new ’slide to answer’ for getting a call, to updated call screens, complete with clearer sound cues, and audio fixes. Features of Fring Video Chat Android App * The only free mobile Group Video Call service in the world! * Video call/Call any other Android, iPhones, iPod touches, Nokia and more * See your friends real-time status; you can chat with…

skype with video - best android application Skype Free Call Android App : Make free Skype-to-Skype video calls, and call phones at Skype rates on the move with Skype Video Android Application. Download this best android app now for FREE. An update of Skype’s Android application now enables you to make one-to-one video calls over both WiFi and 3G connections. Make free Skype-to-Skype calls and video calls or call phones and landlines at great Skype rates on the go. Your android mobile or tablet needs to be running Android Version 2.3 (or above) and have a front-facing camera. – Free* Skype-to-Skype IM, calls and video calls over 3G or WiFi – Cheap…

viber android app - free SMS and calls Viber Android App for Free Calls : Viber is the best Android app that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages from your android mobile. Download this top android app for FREE. You can make free calls and SMS to other users that have Viber installed. Viber Android app user, can use this android app from anywhere in the world, for free and now also text them. All Viber best android app features are 100% FREE and do not require any additional “in application” purchase. Once you and your friends install the free Viber android application, you can use it to talk them for free. Download this best android app for your mobile.

tango android app Tango Voice & Video Calls Android App : Tango Voice & Video Calls is the best android app and is a free mobile video communications service that allows you to connect with friends and family to conveniently capture and share life’s every day moments. Tango Android App automatically finds the people you can Tango with and you can invite anyone else by text or email. On Android phones you can even Tango directly from your address book. You can make free video calls and free phone calls to friends and family in the same town or around the world using this best android app. Tango android app’s…

tu me android jelly bean apps TU Me Android Free Calls & SMS : Download TU Me android app and text, talk and share photos, send audio messages and share your location with your friends and family all for free across the globe. TU Me app automatically build the contact list for you from your phone’s address book. Features of TU Me Free Calls & SMS: – Free call and Text Messages (SMS) – NO roaming charges or call plans used. This app use the wifi or mobile internet data – All communication is encrypted & safe – Calls & audio messages are high quality – All your communications are securely stored in the cloud – Never lose your data even if you lose your phone or re-install the app

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    […] button to PTT. Enable it in menu Settings. – Send and receive unlimited free picture, video and Free voice chat on android, delivered super fast! – Create home screen widgets for individual TiKL favorite or TiKL […]

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